Capacity Building For Organisation and Your People

Holistic wellness is vital for optimum performance from employees. Keeping employees healthy, happy and motivated in the workplace should be  a priority in any business. This ensures the successful functioning of your business.

Resilience skills help your employees mitigate stress, increase productivity and create a happier workplace


At Nexus Learning & Consultancy, we want to provide interventions (skills , knowledge & commitment) to empower people to improve their Psychological , Financial and Professional Well Being.  This includes understanding how people think, behave and communicate so as to foster effective communication and collaboration at work.  At the heart of it, we need gratitude and content as enablers to drive excellence at work and personal life.


Why Choose Nexus Learning & Consultancy?

  • We deliver learning and consultancy services to improve workplace wellness, with focus on employees' holistic well-being and workplace happiness so that they can thrive and flourish at work and personal life
  • Programmes Designed and Delivered by Specialist in their field of expertise
  • We collaborate with a team of passionate and like-minded specialist in the field of Psychology, Psychotherapy, Finance, Career Development
  • Experienced and Passionate Trainers who advocates workplace wellness and take pride in improving your employees mental well being
  • Pathway to embark on more intensive and holistic training programmes to enhance employee engagement and leadership development for peak performance


Who is it for?

WOW is Health Promotion Board’s new funding initiative to support companies in their goal towards a healthier and more engaged workforce. This programme aims to promote health and wellness in the workplace where employees can live healthier, happier lives

WOW Eligibility

Locally-incorporated SMEs with UEN

≤ 200 workforce size or ≤$100 million annual sales turnover

Locally-incorporated non-SMEs* with a UEN

≥ 200 workforce size and ≥$100 million annual sales turnover
*Funding by HPB capped at $7000 for 12 months.

Locally-incorporated non-profit/not-for-profit organisation/trade unions, chambers and/or associations

Mental Well-Being for Employees Workshops

Managing Stress through Arts (Virtual / Onsite - 1 hr)

Amidst the busyness of everyday life, this art experiential workshop hopes to celebrate meaningful life moments and explore emotions that are often overlooked. Participants will experience how to manage emotions and engage in an act of gratitude through art experiential activity.  Embracing the practice of regulating emotions, this workshop hopes to promote personal mental well being and happiness as a way to better manage stress.  Simple art activity can help to better regulate emotions and improve mood for healthier mental well being. Led by a Certified Art Therapist. 

Nurturing Resilience through Art as Therapy (Virtual / Onsite - 1hr)

Resilience is the ability to recover and bounce back from adversity and stressful situations. Nature’s amazing architecture teaches us about Resilience. We, like nature, have built in mechanisms to cope with adversity but often overlooked. This mechanism is “ Resilience “.  Join us as we discover how we can learn from Nature, focus on enhancing our resilience through self-awareness. Engage in Nature through an experiential activity led by a Certified Art Therapist.

Strengthening Resilience through Stress Management (Virtual & Onsite - 1 hr)

We live in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world. How can we thrive in difficult times? Learn to strengthen our resilience to cope with stress. Join us as we focus on enhancing our resilience through building a resilient mindset. Pick up practical strategies to manage stress for resilience.

Peer Psychological Support – Common Mental Health Disorders (Virtual & Onsite - 1 hr)

Do you find yourself not knowing what to do or say when your colleague is stressed up, worried, or sad?

How do you assess one’s mental health condition? Peer support is crucial as you could be the first responder in providing psychological first aid. In this session, learn how to detect early signs of common mental health disorders and where to seek help.

Para Counselling for Peer Support – Para Counselling Skills (Virtual & Onsite - 1 hr)

Do you find yourself not knowing what to do or say when your colleague is stressed up, worried, or sad?

Do you worry about saying the wrong things that could make the person feels worse? In this session, you will experience Para-Counseling Skills to provide emotional support to fellow colleagues in a workplace environment.

Plan Ahead for a Purposeful and Meaningful Retirement (Virtual - 1 hr)

Being retirement ready looks beyond the Financial Aspect. In one’s golden years, one has to be ‘rewired’ to be aware of social, emotional implications and potential health issues. How can we be prepared for change, stay active and relevant so as to live a purposeful retirement.

Mental Well Being Capacity Building for Supervisors, Managers and Equivalent Workshops

Empowering Leaders on Team Mental Well-Being "From Survivor Reactions to Resilience Responses"  Part 1 & 2 (Virtual - 1 hr each)

We need to celebrate the fact that resilience can be enhanced. As leaders, we need to “Model the Way” and “Encourage the Heart”. In this Interactive session, we will share how to truly detect and regulate group emotions, so as to normalise mental health challenges. Learn practical techniques on how to build Mindful teams at work, and create support structures to enhance personal and team resilience. Discover how we can shift from survival reactions to resilient responses.

Basic Counselling Skills for Supervisors Part 1 & 2 (Virtual / Onsite - 1hr each)

Do you find yourself not knowing what to do or say when your colleague is stressed up, worried or sad? Do you worry about saying the wrong thing that could make the person feels worse? This is an introductory workshop for discovering the science of using counselling to support fellow colleague in a workplace environment. Main points and key takeaways are to screen for common Mental Health Conditions and acquire Basic Counselling Skills


About Art Therapy

What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses the creative process of art making as a mode of expression and communication to help improve a person’s physical, emotional, mental and social well-being, which can lead to increased resilience. It encourages the person to express emotion and explore their problems using a wide range of art materials, enabling positive change and personal growth.


The benefits of using Art Therapy

  • A growing body of evidence suggests that engaging in the visual arts for adults with mental health conditions can reduce depression and anxiety, increase self-respect and encourage re-engagement with the wider world 
  • Art making can be a safer way of expressing emotions and more hands-on and tangible.
  • Art Therapy can help people who struggle to talk about their feelings.
  • Increase awareness of self and others, confidence and resilience, develop coping skills and improve emotional and mental well being, recharge from emotional experiences.
  • For children, art therapy can aid in the development of abstract thinking skills and emotional development.


What is the difference between Art Therapy and an Art lesson?

Art Therapy is different from an art lesson as it is more about expressing how you feel. The important thing is reflecting on the artwork and process rather than the end result. To be doing Art Therapy it must be under the guidance of a trained and registered art therapist.